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The purpose of this site is to provide my grandchildren with an overview of their grandfather's career and his thoughts on life. It will also expose them to some of the challenges they may encounter as they develop into young adults. The site is designed to be read as a book. At the bottom-right of each page there is a
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Life Changing Decision Points

Throughout your life you will face critical decisions that will determine where you will be in life, years down the road. For example, when you graduate from high school you will be confronted with one of these decision points. It's very much like facing a fork in the road. Which road do you take?  Do you take the easy road and get a job to make some money or do you take the more difficult route and go to university or college to earn a degree or trade. In my life there were several of these, "Forks in the Road" that ultimately determined my career success.

1. Joining the Navy
When I dropped out of high school due to my poor marks I could have chosen to get a job in Owen Sound where I was comfortable.  Instead I chose the more difficult path and joined the navy. As a result of this decision the navy, it was discovered that I had a learning disability and the navy provided me with the training needed to overcome this disability. This opened the door for meto higher education
2. Earning a High School diploma Night School
While serving at sea I chose to pursue higher education through correspondence courses and attending night school instead of the much easier path of relaxing with my friends and spending time taking in the local sites in foreign ports. This decision was much more difficult but it opened the door to even higher educational opportunities for me  
3. Attending Military College
After earning a high school diploma via correspondence courses and attending night school I chose to take "Leave Without Pay" from the navy to attend studies at Nova Scotia Institute of Technology. this was a difficult pant in that I had no income. However, making this sacrifice led to my acceptance for the University Training Plan for Men and opened the door for me to attend Military College to obtain a degree while still getting paid by the navy. Had I not taken the initiative to attend college on my own it is highly unlikely that the navy would have selected me for Military College.
4. Applying for Graduate Studies
While at Military College I excelled academically and graduated at the top of my class.  Instead of joining my colleagues who were eager to start their careers I chose the more difficult path and applied for and was accepted into the navy's Post Graduate Training on Scholarship program. This allowed me to earn a Masters of Science degree in Physics.  This achievement gave me an edge when it came to promotion in that it differentiated me from my colleagues. As a result I was promoted rapidly through the ranks achieving the rank of Commander with only six years of work experience. Normally this requires at least 12 years with at a minimum of two postings in each rank where I was promoted with only a single posting in each rank before promotion to Commander.
5. Earning a MBA Degree
After retiring from the navy I obtained a provincial government position. Although I was financially comfortable with my salary and navy pension I chose to go back to school to earn a Masters Degree in Business Administration.  As a direct result of having earned this degree I was successful in obtaining a position as the Vice President of Finance and Administration several years later.  Were it not for my MBA I would never have been considered for this position which by the way paid three times the salary I was making with the provincial government.
6. Relocating to advance my career
While living in British Columbia and working as the Director of Facilities at Royal Roads University I chose to relocate to Ontario when offered the position of Director of College Services and Ancillary Business at Seneca College in Toronto. Later I chose to relocate to Sudbury when offered the position of Vice President of Finance and Administration. Although relocating was difficult my decision to make this sacrifice paid huge dividends down the road when it came time to retire since the salary increases resulted in very much higher pensions in retirement.

The moral of this story is that when you come to a crossroads in life, take the time to think carefully of how the path you are considering will impact your success in life. As a general rule, the path requiring some initial sacrifice will often lead to the most reward down the road and the path offering some initial reward will often prove to be less rewarding in the long run.


As a direct result of my experiences I thought it would be of value to all of my grandchildren, both those who are here today and those that are yet to be born, if I took the time to document my life experiences and provide them with some background on my side of their family tree. 
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